Processing of clean and safe solar energy into electricity is a key step toward the environmental protection as well as a prospect of quick and reliable profit. Raising ecological awareness of local communities and increasing conventional energy prices are the development accelerator of the trade. In addition, a draft law on Renewable Energy Sources, that provides particular support for PV sector, makes it more attractive to the Investors.

EU guidelines obliges Member States to reduce emission of carbon dioxide among others by using renewable energy. Polish government encourages Investors by a \"green certificates\" system and a power plants are obligated to purchase pure energy. This means that renewable energy sources are currently the most secure investment, resistant to a potential economic crisis.

Under these favourable circumstances DuSoleil Ltd offers you an opportunity to gain high passive income in a long term prospect. See our offer for more details and welcome to corporate with us.

Legal and administrative representation

DuSoleil Ltd offers help and support in design and legal issues as well as the investment substitution in implementation of individual projects.


DuSoleil Ltd sells projects located in areas of the country with a capacity of 1 MW in various stages of development.

Investment land

DuSoleil Ltd invites people with agricultural land to see the terms related to lease or sales agreement.