DuSoleil Ltd operates from May 2012th, however we\'re gaining our experiences in renewable power industry from 2007th, basing on expertise and experience of our sister companies: Vent Energy and Vent Energy Operator. Together with these powerful companies of renewable energy branch in Poland we create InSense Group. The origin of the company is a renewable energy market and our superior mission is implementation of commercial efficient, profitable and pro-environmental solutions, according to sustainable development principle.

DuSoleil Ltd groups together a pool of specialists in every area of the company, including experts in design works, law, researches, investments and sale. By pursuing a quality policy we\'ve established an additional unit, responsible for proper implementation of procedures at every stage of the investment process. So constructed strategy allows us to exceed industry standards.

We provide for our investors full professionalism, flexibility and personal attention that guarantees the highest quality of services. In business we rely on partnership and clarity of procedures in the project implementation, allowing its direct preview by innovative Confero management system.

Legal and administrative representation

DuSoleil Ltd offers help and support in design and legal issues as well as the investment substitution in implementation of individual projects.


DuSoleil Ltd sells projects located in areas of the country with a capacity of 1 MW in various stages of development.

Investment land

DuSoleil Ltd invites people with agricultural land to see the terms related to lease or sales agreement.