DuSoleil Ltd provides comprehensive support for investment process, from a conception of PV farm construction, through searching and preparation of a location as well as design works, till the final administrative decision. Our range of services includes:

  • selection of optimal location and conceptual design,
  • both formal and legal security of the site,
  • feasibility and profitability analysis/study,
  • preparation of documents, designs studies and reports that necessary,
  • agreements with a power distribution companies,
  • preparation of building and energy designs;
  • advising in proper infrastructure selection,
  • gaining all necessary permits, contents, agreements and licences ,
  • support in financing process,
  • audits of external investments.

Our offer is dedicated to individual Investor as well as corporate and institutional customers and funds. The target area of our activity are projects with capacity from 1 MW. We offer bothready projects as well as individual investments. We base on reliable solutions that\'s why we guarantee safety and efficiency of the investment. As a leader in PV in Poland we also implement innovative solutions which help to maximize the effectiveness of the investment.

Legal and administrative representation

DuSoleil Ltd offers help and support in design and legal issues as well as the investment substitution in implementation of individual projects.


DuSoleil Ltd sells projects located in areas of the country with a capacity of 1 MW in various stages of development.

Investment land

DuSoleil Ltd invites people with agricultural land to see the terms related to lease or sales agreement.